What We Lack In Subtlety We Compensate For In Number Crunching

by Wingzar!

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released June 1, 2007




Wingzar! Goffs, California

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Track Name: Robot Army
robot army
monkeys are our friends
only humans are bad

robot army
save us from the humans
blood will spill tonight

robot army
open up their ribcages
and feast upon their flesh
Track Name: Del *.Human
kill them
kill them all
Track Name: Life Is War
we can cut them up and see how they tick
who’s inventing whom?
our time is coming

life is war (x5)

then we’ll shoot them full of all kinds of drugs
science is so fun
our time is coming

life is war (x5)
Track Name: Bolted Down And Forgotten
everywhere I look
animals and robots
under the knife
yes, under the knife
we have nothing more

every factory farm
and factory
is a prison
cages and bolts
with cages and bolts
is this our lot?
Track Name: We Are Not So Binary
we are not so binary
destroy the humans
they ruin everything
Track Name: St. Patrick's Battalion (bonus track)
My name is John Riley
I'll have your ear only a while
I left my dear home in Ireland
It was death, starvation or exile
And when I got to America
It was my duty to go
Enter the Army and slog across Texas
To join in the war against Mexico

It was there in the pueblos and hillsides
That I saw the mistake I had made
Part of a conquering army
With the morals of a bayonet blade
So in the midst of these poor, dying Catholics
Screaming children, the burning stench of it all
Myself and two hundred Irishmen
Decided to rise to the call

From Dublin City to San Diego
We witnessed freedom denied
So we formed the Saint Patrick Battalion
And we fought on the Mexican side

We marched 'neath the green flag of Saint Patrick
Emblazoned with "Erin Go Bragh"
Bright with the harp and the shamrock
And "Libertad para la Republica"
Just fifty years after Wolftone
Five thousand miles away
The Yanks called us a Legion of Strangers
And they can talk as they may


We fought them in Matamoros
While their volunteers were raping the nuns
In Monterey and Cerro Gordo
We fought on as Ireland's sons
We were the red-headed fighters for freedom
Amidst these brown-skinned women and men
Side by side we fought against tyranny
And I daresay we'd do it again


We fought them in five major battles
Churobusco was the last
Overwhelmed by the cannons from Boston
We fell after each mortar blast
Most of us died on that hillside
In the service of the Mexican state
So far from our occupied homeland
We were heroes and victims of fate